The Only Word That Matters for Success (Stallone knew it when he was a kid)

Sylvester StalloneThat word is grit.

When you have a specific goal, that’s the only word that matters.

Everything else is secondary.

Grit means having both the passion and the motivation to achieve your objective – even when you’re faced with every possible hurdle thrown at you.

Sylvester Stallone’s goal when he was a kid was to be in the movie business. That was it.

Nothing was going to stop him from getting there. And he did.

But his road to success was anything but easy.

He was thrown out 1,500 times from agency offices.

He just kept getting “no” after “no” after “no.”

He was called “stupid looking” and that he couldn’t be in the movie business because he talked out of the side of his mouth.

He was also broke – he barely had any money to eat while living on the streets of New York City.

But he persevered. And he got there.

He had grit.

“Rocky” was the first movie ever that broke the $200,000,000 mark.

It was the movie that launched Stallone’s career into stardom.

The story of how he managed to get the deal for Rocky is incredibly inspirational.

If you’ve ever doubted yourself about achieving what you really wanted in business or in life, then watch this video.

It’s a short 9 minute video about the story of how Stallone made it, as told by Tony Robbins.

Click play below to watch it.

Trust me, it’ll make your day.



P.S. The sound is a bit grainy, and the video is composed mainly of still pictures from Stallone’s movies, but all that doesn’t matter because Tony Robbins is a fantastic storyteller and the content is so powerful.