From Laid Off to $50,000 per month: How Pat Flynn “Let Go” and became a Highly Successful Webpreneur

Let Go ebook by Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn makes around $50,000 per month from multiple online side businesses.

I know that for a fact because he’s super-transparent about every single dollar he makes online. Each month, he publishes a detailed income report on his blog, SmartPassiveIncome, which includes how much money he makes, as well as what his total expenses are.

His latest income report from April 2013 shows that he made $49,761.40 in pure profit.

That’s pretty impressive.

In the world of part-time webpreneurship, Pat is one of my heroes. I’ve been reading his blog and listening to his podcast for over a year now, and he never ceases to impress me with this in-depth knowledge about monetizing online products.

I’ve actually talked about his success in my previous video presentation about why every single person should start a blog.

What’s most interesting about Pat is that he stumbled into the world of online businesses by accident.

Back in 2007, he started a blog to study for an Architecture certification exam (called LEED) as a way to manage his notes while he was employed at an architecture firm. Little did he know at the time that his blog was getting thousands of visitors from other people who were interested in the topic.

A few months later, Pat got laid off from his job (due to the economic recession), and had to rely on his blog for income. He had zero knowledge about online businesses, but what happened next changed everything.

Pat talks about his amazing story in his latest Amazon Bestseller: “Let Go” (aff link)

It’s a truly inspirational account of how he overcame his fear, and how he built his businesses one step at a time.

He also talks about how he transformed his blog into a profitable business overnight.

I highly recommend you pick up a copy of his ebook to learn more about how he made it.

I was actually so impressed by his memoir that I wanted to interview him over Skype and publish the video interview on my blog.

However, due to the fact that I’m a new dad (just had another baby girl a week ago!), I didn’t have the time to prepare for an interview. So instead, I thought I’d highlight a few excerpts from his book that I think will give you a good overview of what he went through.


On why he Started a Blog to Study for the LEED Exam

I knew the blog would help in several different ways:

First, the blog would allow me to access and search my notes from anywhere I had Internet connectivity.

Second, the exam material referenced a lot of websites, so I could include those specific links on my blog, which would make studying much easier.

Third, the blog just organized everything much better. By categorizing and tagging my notes, I could easily see how things related to each other.

Most importantly, I envisioned the blog as something “tangible” that I could show the higher-ups in the firm.


On Getting Laid Off

“We have to let you go. I’m sorry.”

Upon hearing those words, something the size of a golf ball materialized deep in my throat. I started chewing the back of my tongue to try and make the feeling go away.


On his Lack of Experience

I didn’t know anything about how to start a business, let alone one that was online.

My only experience with making any sort of money online was from selling Magic the Gathering cards on eBay.


On Making his First Dollar

I signed up for [Google] AdSense and had one ad showing on the homepage of my website after just a half hour. Thirty minutes later, I logged into my account and saw I had earned $1.08!

My first dollar online, and the best feeling in the world.


Pat then went on to create an ebook that eventually made him $7,906.55 in the first month.

To learn more about Pat’s success, including the tools he used to make his first dollar online, pick up a copy of his Let Go ebook today (it’ll be the best $2.99 you’ve spent in a while!).