How Creative T-Shirt Advertising Creates Buzz [Video]

I put together this video to show you how Cisco (the company I work for) has used Augmented Reality to create buzz with its new advertising campaign.

The example I go through is about the T-shirt that I’m wearing, but this technology is currently being used with other print media, such as magazines and newspapers, as well.

Click play to watch the video

Here are a few things that I mention  if you’d like to learn more:

If you don’t have time to watch the video, here’s how it works.

You basically download the Cisco App on your phone, click on “Wake up an Ad,” and then just look through your phone’s camera at the ad to see it come alive.  Here’s a before and after picture of the Wake up an Ad feature used on my t-shirt.

Cisco T-shirt Ad Video Augmented Reality

Hope you found this interesting. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. Hi Hassan,

    Yes, interesting…. I guess time will tell if this type of technology has legs. (it is a time when print adds are going away)

    Do you find it hard to watch the video on your t-shirt when you are sitting on the opposite side of the phone to the screen playing the video? I do like how the technology can convert a static add into a dynamic video. Maybe the next step will include being able to Like, Comment and Share… LORL :) (laughing out really loud)


    • Hey Gary,

      It wasn’t too hard because I was actually watching a preview of the webcam on my computer screen as I was recording. However, the tricky about it was that everything’s “laterally inverted” – meaning left and right get mixed up, so that’s why you see me fumbling a bit in trying to hit the right icons :)