Have a (Virtual) Cup of Coffee with Me

Have coffee with meUpdate: The 100% free session will be streaming LIVE on YouTube (details to follow after you sign up below)


I love meeting new people (and connecting with old friends) over a nice cup of hot coffee.

I also love sharing stuff that I learned about entrepreneurship that will help you make more money on the side.

So on Saturday, May 11, 2013 at 9:00am Eastern time (i.e. Boston time), I’m hosting a 1 hour virtual session to do both.

If you’re interested, read on.

What’s the 1 hour session about?

I work on a lot of side projects during my free time.

One of my side projects has made me over $2,000 before I even started working on it (it’s an online course that I teach). The session will be about the steps I followed to sell an online product before creating it.

The session is divided into two 30-minute parts. The first 30 minutes will be an overview about how I did it. The second 30 minutes will be an open Q&A session where you can ask me anything you want.

The entire hour will be very informal. I won’t have any slides to share. Just me and my pretty face talking through what I did as I sip on my cup of coffee :)

How can I attend?

I’ll be using Google Hangouts. After you sign up, I will send you a link to join (if you’ve never used Google Hangouts before, don’t worry, it’s really simple. Here’s a link about how to use it).

I’m going to have my webcam on, so you will see me through video. I’ll also be asking everyone to turn their cameras on so we have a fun time (even though it’s not required that you have your own webcam, it’ll be a lot more interactive that way).

Is there a limit on the number of people who can attend?

Yes. Apparently, Google Hangouts can handle a maximum of 9 participants at a time. So I guess that would be the limit (however, make sure you sign up anyway even if you think that the limit has already been reached – I might be able to work something out if more people are interested).

What do I need to bring with me?

Nothing. Just you, your internet connection (with a webcam & microphone), and your favorite cup of coffee or tea.

How can I sign up?

Click on this short form and fill in your name and email address to let me know you’re interested (your email will not be shared with anyone).

Looking forward to chatting with you!



  1. Hey Hassan

    Thanks for your invite. Unfortunately, I will be unable to make your coffee break on Saturday. I have a previous commitment. If you record your hangout it would be nice to be able to view it later.

    smiles, :)

    • Gary – sorry you couldn’t make it. Would’ve been great to have you join. I’m not sure if the meeting will be recorded, but in either case, you can count on seeing a blog post about the topic soon!