Every Single Person Should Start a Blog [Video]

I gave this video presentation about why every single person should start a blog at Harvard for a course I’m taking about public speaking.

Blogging is a subject I’m quite passionate about because it has truly made a huge difference in my own career, and I genuinely think that it would help you as a part-time webpreneur.

My first speech in the series of presentations was about How to Write and Sell an eBook in 3 simple Steps.

Unlike that first video, which was an informative speech, this is a persuasive one to try and convince everyone to start a blog.

So click play below, and let me know if I’ve managed to convince you 😉


Here are links to the websites I talk about in the video:

  • The Couch Manager – my own blog that I started a couple of years ago about managing virtual teams and working from home. Here’s the story of how I started it on January 1, 2011 (New Year’s Day).
  • Green Exam Academy – the blog that Pat Flynn started when he was working as a junior architect to study for his exam. He made around $8,000 from it a few months after getting laid off. He now owns & runs a lot of other blogs/ niche sites, including Smart Passive Income and Security Guard Training HQ
  • Interactive Biology – the blog of Leslie Samuel that teaches complex biology concepts in simple terms. He is currently a university professor doing what he always wanted to do – teach.
  • WordPress.com – the link to create your own blog in less than 60 seconds (for free!)

I’ll be going into a lot more detail about blogs and how to make money from them in future posts.

I’ll also be giving one more talk at Harvard related to making money from online side projects, and I will be posting that video on my blog as well, so make sure you subscribe to get notified by entering your email below if you haven’t already.


  1. Hey Hassan,

    Loved your video. Thanks for sharing! I have been blogging for many years but without a real focus. I am planning to make some changes in that department as I move along in time. That will be my challenge.

    Speaking of challenges, I was wondering if I could challenge you to stay within five minutes on your talks. That would mean that you would need to purge two minutes and forty seconds from your video while still keeping your intro, points and conclusion. Try using a couple of main points with illustrations and references.

    I find that my audience finds the format easier to grasp, retain and apply. It also helps them stay laser focused on the message. A presentation just works if the listener comes away with one simple thought like, use WordPress to start blogging and just does it.

    They say it is not what you put in to a presentation that counts but rather what you can take out. Just a thought.

    Looking forward to your next presentation.

    smiles, :)


    • Hassan Osman says:

      Hey Gary,

      Thanks so much for your comment. Great point regarding keeping talks shorter than 5 minutes (that’s the limit I kept it at for my previous one about how to write an ebook). I personally also enjoy shorter videos with quick takeaways, rather than longer ones.

      However, certain subjects or topics do need to be a little bit longer to get a point across.

      In this particular video, I actually HAD to make it longer as part of the course requirement. In fact, the speech should have been between 8 and 10 minutes, so I actually missed the lower limit :)

      All the best with your blogging efforts and thanks again for your great feedback.

      • Thanks for your reply… Loved your use of stories to engage with your audience.

        Looking forward to your next presentation.

        smiles, :)

  2. Hey Hassan,
    Very impressive speech (as always). You have definitely persuaded me to try blogging :) You managed to fit 2 stories in 8 min -that’s great and your intro is very good -with all the you(s), making it personable! Keep up the nice work and looking forward to your next speech…..