8 Tips on Managing Multiple Businesses from Highly Successful Business Owners

Running a side online business while working a full time job (or leading another business) can be overwhelming.

The thought of balancing two or more highly demanding initiatives is not for the faint of heart.

However, if you’re smart about managing your time and your effort, it can be done.

In fact, I reached out to 8 highly successful bloggers and business owners who have led multiple businesses and/or blogs, and asked every one of them the following question:

What are some tips (common or uncommon) about running multiple businesses/ blogs at the same time?

Collectively, those folks are worth millions of dollars, so you might want to learn a thing or two from them.

Here are their responses:

If you are trying to run multiple businesses or blogs at the same time, make sure you are really efficient with your time, as there won’t be enough of it in each day. And more importantly, surround yourself with people who are smarter than you as you’ll need all the help you can get from others. Figure out what you can hand off to someone else and what you need to do yourself.”

– Neil Patel, Quick Sprout & KISSmetrics


Use an organization tool like Evernote to keep notes, files and even important emails for each business or blog completely separate, but extremely accessible. I also use a project management tool to help create and execute the to-do lists for each project, whether I’m doing those tasks myself or I have a VA doing them for me. Nozbe is one tool in particular that I like because it can integrate with Dropbox and Evernote.”

Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income, Green Exam Academy & Security Guard Training HQ


Never give equal, devoted attention to several businesses at once. Focus on the business that offers the most revenue-generating potential first, putting your energy into advancing it way ahead of the others. When it’s in a good position, switch your efforts to another business and work hard on that one to bring it up to speed.

That way, one business provides the revenue you need to spend time on advancing other businesses. Plus, your focused energy helps you get more done at once (instead of multitasking), which means you’re much better off in the long run.”

– James Chartrand, Men with Pens & Damn Fine Words


I run multiple blogs and businesses at the same time by attracting amazing people to run great teams.  These teams help fuel my businesses to run without me doing all of the busy work, and allowing me to focus on relationships and the bigger picture.  Focus on building great teams and give them the roadmap to where you want to go.”

Lewis Howes, Linked Influence, Sports Networker & Lewis Howes 


Simply put, know your audience for each of your businesses. One isn’t another, and you can’t interchange them. The best thing to do is respect your audience, and you do that by giving each audience what they want.”

– Peter Shankman, HARO & Shankman


Planning becomes very important when managing multiple content-based websites at the same time. We like to use a plugin for WordPress called “editorial calendar” to keep tabs on what’s coming up.”

Corbett Barr, Think Traffic & Expert Enough 


It comes down to prioritization, and understanding where you’re making the bulk of your money. If there is one business that you enjoy being involved with, makes a little money, but not the lions-share, then you need to realize that. And then focus on the business that is making the lions share! Plus – stop trying to do everything all at once. Multi-tasking is a myth, plain and simple”

Chris Ducker, Chris Ducker, Live2Sell Group, & Virtual Staff Finder 


My tip is for people to focus.

Noah Kagan, AppSumo & OkDork


What are your thoughts about managing multiple businesses/ blogs at the same time? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. This is a great resource! Some of the things I’m already doing to balance my FT job and my side hustle online, but many of them I need to implement better. Lately I’ve heard a lot about setting up a successful team or a set of systems, which is something I really need to start doing. I think that’s a major component to running a successful business – delegating so you find time to lead a well-balanced life.

    • Hassan Osman says:

      Exactly! Same here – I think one should start delegating when 1) you’re making enough money on the side to cover the additional expenses of hiring a VA (or other resource) or 2) when you’ve maxed out handling the extra load on your own, but still see potential in growing your business.

  2. I’m a med student trying to build a freelance writing biz online, so I’m always looking for ideas on how to make them both work. It can be really exhausting, but I still believe it can be done. Thanks for a great post.

    • Hassan Osman says:

      Thanks Rejoice. Being a med student must be quite overwhelming on its own. However, I’m sure if you stay at it, starting a successful freelance side business can be done. Best of luck!

  3. Great Blog! This is one of the major challenges not just for people who are running multiple businesses but even for the one-business solopreneur or the freelancer or even the contract worker. I think the problem may find its root in all the years most of us spend in multiple person work organizations. While you often get to order your tasks in your own way, you have a given to-do list. Once you have left that structure, the new freedoms are almost overwhelming!

  4. This is a great list of tips! I’m still undecided whether or not to manage seperate blogs for each business or just one.

    I’m a maker at heart and so have many interests and am thinking about a more “about the maker” kind of blog that would link all of my ventures together…..

    • Thanks Sarah! Without knowing much about all your other businesses, I would keep them separate. Different people have different interests, and talking about multiple businesses in one blog might dilute your readership. If you’re looking for a solution to link all of businesses and profiles together in one spot, try http://www.about.me (which works like a one-webpage business card).

  5. Those are the great tips & informative, I have a business website on which we provide different kinds of services. Is it good to maintain a single blog on the same domain or multiple blogs on different domains (each service has it’s own blog).

    My main motto for maintaining different blogs is I want to attract the people who are interested in specific services through each blog that will lead to our main website.

    Apart from that i’m thinking on SEO perspective also, it’s difficult to maintain SEO on all blogs for one business.

    Is this good to maintain one blog or multiple blogs for one business?

    • Hey Vivek – if your business services are related to each other, then I think one blog should suffice. However, if you have different types of services, then I think you should definitely consider multiple blogs for the reasons you mention (attracting the right audience, etc.). However, the drawback is the having multiple blogs is going to mean more work for you and/or your team to maintain.